Article 6

ARTICLE 6 – PARALLEL APPLICATIONS OR CLAIMS If an application or a claim relating to a settlement agreement has been made to a court, an arbitral tribunal or any other competent authority which may affect the relief being sought under article  4, the competent authority of the Party to the Convention where such relief is […]

Article 2, No. 3

ARTICLE 2: DEFINITIONS 3. “Mediation” means a process, irrespective of the expression used or the basis upon which the process is carried out, whereby parties attempt to reach an amicable settlement of their dispute with the assistance of a third person or persons (“the mediator”) lacking the authority to impose a solution upon the parties […]

Article 2, No. 2

ARTICLE 2: DEFINITIONS 2. A settlement agreement is “in writing” if its content is recorded in any form. The requirement that a settlement agreement be in writing is met by an electronic communication if the information contained therein is accessible so as to be useable for subsequent reference. Find the introduction and context of this […]