Silvia Lopez Herrero


Silvia López is professor at NOVA SBE an International Consultant and Scholar on Complexity Theory applied to Sustainability, in particular to multi-stakeholder partnerships. After graduating of her PhD at the London School of Economics (2014) she has developed innovative tools to support organizations better understanding and managing the complexity of sustainable change. 


Previous to this, Silvia expended 10 years in the practice of Sustainability living and working in 3 continents under the assignments of consultancy companies, Aid organizations and for many years in the conceptualized AVINA Foundation. She played various roles supporting over a hundred of social entrepreneurs on strategic planning, participatory processes, project management and knowledge management. 


Silvia is author of various scientific articles (forthcoming) and the leading figure in the co-production of two books. Her entrepreneurial and innovative work has been awarded with the fellowship to two influential social entrepreneurs networks: VIVA fellows and LEAD International. She also holds a MBA on Corporate Social Responsibility (Brazil), a Bachelor degree on Environmental Science (Spain) and speaks 4 languages.